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An excellent choice for adding images and slideshows to your WordPress Blog/Site is the NextGen Gallery.  The plugin gives you options to add an image browser, image list, or flash slideshow to any post or page.  The slideshow requires the JW FLV Player. So make sure to download the .zip file and save the player.swf file somewhere on your desktop.  We can later upload this file to our WordPress Media Library and use it for the NextGEN Gallery slideshow.

For now, watch this short video to get acquainted with adding images and displaying an image list.



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On August 20, 2009
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2 Responses to WordPress Plugin: NextGEN Gallery

  1. Great Post Auz! Easy to understand and well paced. I got the next gen gallery on my portfolio page, but I really want to put that cool slide show you’re going to do in another post. I thought I could just click “slideshow” but it didn’t work. Any tips so I can get the slideshow?

  2. auz1111 says:

    Cristina, check out the new post and let me know if you have any questions. Happy Thanksgiving! You know I am trying to stay away from the gravy…

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