Follow these directions to track your WordPress RSS analytics with Feedburner.

1. The first step to add FeedBurner to your WordPress blog is create a FeedBurner account. If you have a Google account you should already have everything you need. At login with your Google account.  If you do not have a Google account take time to create one and return to this step.

2. Once you have logged in type the address of your WordPress blog, “” for us, and click next.

3. The next step will ask you to give a title and an address your feed.  Our feed title is “Alpine Blogs” and our address is “AlpineBlogs”.

4. After this it shows you the address of your new FeedBurner feed.  Ours is That’s all that is needed to create your new feed. If you want, FeedBurner allows you to tweak your feed and even add some “Flair”

5. In order for people to subscribe to your new feed on your blog you need to add a  WordPress plugin. We are currently using one named “FD Feedburner Plugin“. To add this plugin go to your plugins menu in your WordPress console and select add new. Search for “FD Feedburner Plugin” and click install. Once the plugin is installed and activated you should have a new option in the left sidebar under plugins called “Feedburner Configuration”.

6. Open the the new Feedburner Configuration page and put the address of your FeedBurner feed ( into the “Redirect my feeds here” input field and click save.

Now when people subscribe to your RSS feed all the analytical information is collected by FeedBurner.

One thought on “Tracking RSS analytics with FeedBurner

  1. Cristina says:

    Thanks Morgan for helping me with Feedburner. The plugin installation was practically effortless. Excited to see what’s going on in analytics.
    Looking forwards to Friday classes – I always learn so much!

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