What is Google Apps?

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Have you ever needed to have your email address associated with your domain name? For several years now you have been using [email protected] for your email address while sending people to your website at www.domainname.com. You have fell in love with how Google handles email and allows you to have so much needed space! What would you do without that email from your mother five years ago! You’ve spent years building up your contacts database and dread a move to another system. But, on second thought… Wouldn’t you like to have people email you at [email protected]? One less thing for you to remember and better branding and marketing just from a simple change. Unfortunately, with your current host this has not been so easy.

Google Apps Premier allows this integration and much much more while keeping your costs down. With Google apps you are able to use many of Google’s powerful applications branded to your company. When your employees log-in to check their email they are greeted with your logo and the friendly & familiar Gmail interface. Chatting within this branded interface is made available by Google Talk. Talk lets you and your employees communicate in real time by chat or video without the need of outside software. The Google Calendar allows you to share event dates company wide or just between you and specific individuals. Need to write documents for all your employees to see or print? Google Docs provides a powerful set of tools for creating, editing, and sharing documents. Google Sites makes it easy to create wikis, and intranet pages for your employees to post information and collaborate.

Here at Alpine we use Google Apps every day to check our email, reserve dates in our conference room, and share documents internally and sometimes with clients.  Two years ago I switched from using an Exchange server to Google Apps and have never looked back. Being able to have my contacts available on any computer provided there is internet is an awesome feature. I can connect my blackberry to my Google Apps account through Blackberry’s own software or by using Google’s Blackberry application.  Both ways offers unique benefits.

Another feature that I rely heavily on is the Google Calendar.  I can set up dates and then invite coworkers or clients to attend.  Sharing is easy and I can allow others to edit dates.  It is even possible to share specific calendars with people outside of our company.  My girlfriend and family have the ability to see my work calendar, but  are not able to edit.  Google apps makes this type of sharing easy!

For those worried about not being able to access contacts or write email offline Google has a solution. Google Gears allows you to have your email box with you offline and once plugged back into the net it syncs!

Google has even provided a way for Microsoft Outlook to sync with it’s mail server. Google Apps Outlook Sync allows your company to use the same Outlook interface to check your mail, edit your calendar, and add contacts.

It’s amazing that Google can offer these powerful apps at such a low cost.  So far I have been very pleased with my purchase of Google Premier.  Exchange and Outlook were clunky and outdated.  I was able to break away from those chains and experience the new way of Email and CRM.

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On August 6, 2009
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