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Most scientists agree, the human brain can only juggle seven items at a time.  You and I share this human limitation with Einstein, Da Vinci, Kasparov, and Curie.

In order to handle the thousands of coordinated details of even a small, single project amongst a team of people, Alpine staff has always depended heavily on a “ticket” system.

Systems that track incoming phone calls and emails, commenting, responding, acting, tracking, and finally closing that ticket.

It seems that we’ve tried them all.  Our most recent system was one of the best systems we’ve ever used… very good at keeping track of “reactive” and short term issues.

But, like all systems of this type, the real challenge to success has been:

  1. Being proactive
  2. Understanding context
  3. Tracking long term projects, and
  4. Managing “roadmap” items (tracking against goals and metrics over 3, 6, or even 18 months)

Of course, many tools, calendars, and other blends are available.  But by using 3 or 4 separate systems multiplied by the individuals involved, important details fall through the cracks.

Starting this week, we’re taking the first steps in a long journey which we feel will enhance, personalize, and extend our services far better than ever before, applying our human creativity to the *now*…. immediately addressing tactical issues, but without losing track of the long term and strategic.

We have finally replaced our ticket system with a custom system that fits our needs better than any before.

For now, our short term detail tracking and prioritization is similar to previous systems.  But is fully integrated with each staffer’s Google Apps email, so day-to-day tracking and task management is as easy as sending and receiving email.

Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing many more exciting developments on this front.

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