google_warningGoogle is issuing explicit warnings, aimed at websites with ‘critical mobile usability errors’. As of April 21st, non-compliant sites will be penalized.

In the last year, most traffic analysts are seeing that mobile traffic is exceeding desktop traffic. Google is now issuing explicit warnings, aimed specifically at websites that have ‘critical mobile usability errors’.

In simplest terms, this is a warning directed solely at site owners who have not yet made their sites fully usable across all devices, including smart phones and tablets.

There is now clear evidence of a penalty assessed in search engine results which will prevent your non-responsive site from being properly ranked on mobile devices.

Addressing this warning does not require an immediate, complete redesign, we can help remediate errors, then help you plan to replace your website with a fully responsive site.

seoIf you have not updated your site to specifically address mobile responsive issues in the last 18 months, you should have concerns about your site.  Alpine can help, contact us for a free mobility assessment. [/col]