Fun 1999 Facts

Cities have grown and technological empires have been won and lost.

In ’99, Billy Mitchell, played Pac-Man for six hours non-stop to reach the 256th screen and achieve a perfect score of 3,333,360. Pac-Man was released in 1980.

In ’99, Hackers revealed a security flaw in Hotmail that permitted anybody to log into any Hotmail account using the password ‘eh’. At the time it was called “the most widespread security incident in the history of the Web”.

In ’99, The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 11,000 for the first time.

In ’99, Internet Explorer version 5 was released

In ’99, MySpace,, Paypal, and Napster were launched.

In ’99, facebook, youtube, twitter, and flickr were all at least 3 years from launch.

In ’99, Cost of a Superbowl ad: $1.6MM. Now: 5MM

There are over 1 Billion websites on the web today.  In 1999, there were less than 20,000.

Today, over 75% of all websites are “parked” and not active.

Alpine Timeline

Doing It Right

January 5, 2017
Doing It Right

Hovering Over Bend

March 16, 2015
Hovering Over Bend

Alpine Internet Launched

October 1, 1998
Alpine Internet Launched

Founder Brian Cash, left Intel Corporation in 1998 to form an Internet services company. Alpine Internet was launched to bring companies of all sizes to the cloud.  Able to work nearly anywhere, Alpine was located in Sisters, Oregon.

“MM” Site Launched

January 8, 2000
“MM” Site Launched

Alpine Internet Development Alpine Internet Development is a Software Development firm focused on providing outstanding value in Internet products, support, and services. Challenge us with your innovative Web service idea.

Alpine Office Opened

May 28, 2000

Leaving behind the traditional garage stuffed with 6 employees, the first Alpine Office is opened in Sisters, Oregon

First Alpine CMS: Site Control Panel

May 5, 2001

In May 2001, Alpine produced it’s first multi-lingual site for iDirect, the satellite-based IP communications technology company. Alpine’s Site Control Panel facilitated easy collaboration during development between the geographically diverse team consisting of client, copy editors, design, and development.

Alpine Recruits New President

May 15, 2001

Drew Child, former Orcom Solutions president joins Alpine as President and CEO.

CMS renamed to Center Stage

October 1, 2001
CMS renamed to Center Stage

Our Center Stage™ Content Management and Rainmaker Online™ eMarketing systems give Alpine clients complete control of their online business strategies.

“Brown Mountain” Site Launched

October 4, 2001
“Brown Mountain” Site Launched

  Everyone wants to be King Of The Mountain.  We help you actually get there. Complete with animated flash slideshow (our ad agency made us do it).

Alpine Relocates to Bend

June 3, 2002

Trading a total 4 hours of daily commutes for 20 minutes, Alpine moves to a raw, centrally located (within water balloon range of, and thoroughly retro “Old Mill” Soho-style loft in Bend.

Swirl Branding

May 10, 2003
Swirl Branding

2003, the year that all logos circled the drain.

“Glasses Girl” Site Launched

August 1, 2005
“Glasses Girl” Site Launched

You don’t have to be a programmer to get results from your website.

Back To Basics

August 18, 2007

As a technology firm, Alpine was affected by the US recession early.  Taking swift action, Alpine reduced to a core team of employees, migrated exclusively to cloud services, focused on client relationships and the next generation of services.

Investing in WordPress

May 8, 2009

Driving a multitude of development projects, Alpine picks a new platform, WordPress.  A prescient choice, WordPress is now the most deployed web software in the world.

“Acronym” Site Launched

January 28, 2011

If it has an Acronym we can build an app with it. Our code ninjas make short work of “tricky” designs, mobile, … or a plugin, or a template, or a database.

“Forest Animals” Site Launched

August 26, 2013

We know how to grow your website.

Digital Marketing

January 1, 2015

Alpine digital marketing reboot.  Existing partners Google, Apple, Facebook, and Pandora are joined by HubSpot and Twitter.