Alpine On Staff

Alpine was named for the Alpine style of mountain climbing (see

The Alpine style refers to mountaineering in a self-sufficient manner, carrying all food, shelter, equipment as one climbs. To contrast with Expedition (or siege) style mountaineering, the benefits include speed, lower cost, and spending less time en route, reducing time-induced danger such as avalanches or blizzards.

We believe we have settled on a modern, sustainable operational structure.

At Alpine, the process is just as important as the people. Like a military unit, our specialists are also generalists. We train and cross-train to develop depth as well as breadth.

Of course, people are involved. Here they are:

Founder / Technical Director

Brian Cash

Brian is Alpine’s founder. A web developer, designer, and usability specialist.

His coding superpowers are matched only by his ability to explain what he is planning, doing, and how it can support your proprietary strategy.

Brian’s team is carefully selected for their chemistry, ability to work as a team, and of course, their outstanding individual contributions.

Marketing Director

Mike Olarrea

Intersecting sales and marketing with creativity and digital amplification, Mike takes your organization’s goals and objectives and translates them into an actionable plan to achieve those goals

With experience in industries from distribution and manufacturing to retail and service industry, your situation is likely something Mike has experienced.

Mike is certified in Google AdWords, Google Analytics and is your guy for Conversion Centered Design.

Traditional Marketing Director

Anne-Marie Daggett

As a good steward of your brand and budget, Anne-Marie’s specialty is to ensure that you have cohesive, comprehensive, and effective messaging and ensure your brand is communicated throughout all your endeavors.

Anne-Marie’s Mission Statement:

“My creative team supports organizational health and growth by serving as the marketing director for and brand guard of our clients’ mission and purpose.”

Lead Codeaholic

Melissa Lopez

Melissa joins Alpine from Oregon State University (Computer Science).

A very quick study and incredibly helpful. Melissa knows all of the acronyms and can code in most.

Web Stylist

Jennifer Heiden-Smith

Our multi-talented Web Stylist and copywriter makes your end-product look great.

Jennifer’s BA in Fine Arts, cum laude from Hunter College CUNY and her time in New York with Random House is something we never hold against her.

With a focus on web-friendly design, Jennifer knows that “a pretty face” should never be used to cover poor-quality content.