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A lot of folks shy away from social media. It’s hard to embrace social media platforms like Twitter for your business when you don’t use it personally. And many ask, “Does this really help my cause?” The answer is yes.

Tip #5: Show a friendly face. Get a gravatar.

Tip #2: Use Facebook to drive traffic to your site.


Most companies and organizations understand the need to tap into the power of social media. As you extend your message through avenues like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, be mindful of your brand.

The virtual pin-boarding website, Pinterest, is one of the hottest social-sharing websites online today. In the last year alone, the site has witnessed substantial growth. Pinterest is now just after Twitter in 4th place, according to Hitwise. Learn why and how you might catch this wave.

Emerging media’s social tools have overcome the early experimental stages and in 2011, it will gain massive adoption. But many organizations still haven’t grasped how these social tools have transformed the individual from a consumer of information to a producer/influencer of news.

Nonprofits are best-positioned to take advantage of emerging media’s social tools. But using these social tools effectively to mobilize advocates and accomplish their mission eludes many organizations. Alpine Internet starts the new year by doing good: local nonprofits can learn how to jumpstart their social media strategy by attending Free Friday Workshops: The Social Nonprofit.