Google Apps

Why Google Apps?

Most companies spend somewhere between $300 and $1000 per employee every year to provide email and office applications in hardware, system software, licenses, backups and support.

Alpine installs, supports, trains, and speaks Google Apps.

This powerful combination of Google’s low cost subscription based email, it’s leading online productivity suite, and Alpine’s smooth implementation process, top notch support, and continuing educational programs will help you get the most out of Google Apps technology.

Strategic business process consulting, worry-free management of the services, and comprehensive support are a few of the valuable services that Alpine is providing around Google Apps.

Why Gmail?

Gmail has over 10 million business users and growing.  With Gmail, your inbox has substantial storage to minimize the need to delete email. Furthermore, there’s powerful Google search functionality and email/IM threading. Instant messaging is embedded in Gmail so you can respond to an email in real-time. Also, your Gmail is available from any computer so you’re no longer limited to answering email at your desk. Gmail is simple to use, but not simplistic in its functionality, which means less time required for user training.  You can also use Gmail offline after enabling the offline feature in Gmail Labs.

Why Google Calendar?

With Google Calendar, you can view the calendars of co-workers and colleagues from one online calendar. Their appointments are viewable right next to yours which streamlines event planning. Google Calendar also can be integrated with other components ofGoogle Apps. You can communicate, share and collaborate via Gmail, Talk and Calendar to reduce duplicate work and improve output efficiency. Additionally, you decide who can see your calendar details.

Why Google Talk?

Google Talk enables you to communicate more effectively and efficiently using text chat, video chat, and audio chat. You can see your contacts’ presence and respond to an email via chat; this allows you to truly have real-time communication and increase the productivity of you and your work force. Because it is integrated with Gmail, a client provider is not required. Also, the chronological email/IM discussion thread enables you to comprehend the full conversation history and context.

Why Google Docs?

Google Docs improves the quality of output by enabling collaboration and discussion of the document simultaneously– multiple people in multiple locations can view, discuss, and edit the same document from anywhere at any time. It also reduces duplicate work and confusing document tracking and version control issues while simultaneously eliminating the concern of exceeding disk space and inbox quotas with the standard back and forth emailing procedure. Furthermore, Google Docs has secure sharing. Each Google Doc requires a login so you don’t have to worry about information getting into the wrong hands.  All of your Docs are always available online within the Doclist.  You are no longer restricted by access to your My Documents folder.

Alpine is a certified Google Apps reseller.