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Is it possible to get excited about hosting?
We do.  We do it differently.


Revolutionary Hosting

Security, reliability, and availability—your web presence depends on all three.  Alpine Internet provides a secure hosting environment with the industry’s best and most comprehensive cloud platforms (technology that Wired Magazine calls “the world’s broadest, deepest, smartest, most versatile global technology platform, ready for anything from running data centers to delivering cat litter”).

We’ve partnered with Amazon to offer  a “multi-tenant” environment utilizing the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. While there is logical separation between users and corporations, storage and computing power are shared across a vast computing array.

This is the heart of the Alpine architecture, and it’s what provides the scalability, reliability, and cost effectiveness for which we’re known.

Alpine clients benefit from Amazon’s “battle-tested” facilities, network, power, and drives, which result in the best server uptime (the percent of time a server is up and running) in the business. With this nearly infinite computing power at our disposal, Alpine can rapidly turn up production and provisioning to meet any level of demand.

The Amazon AWS client list is a “who’s who” of the enterprise world, including Hitachi, Washington Post, and Harvard University.  In addition, many of the hottest tech companies—twitter, IMDb, and, of course, amazon.com—call AWS their platform of choice.


Smart Redundancy

We have redundancy at every layer, so we can ensure a smooth recovery in the event of a hardware failure. All your data is also securely backed up offsite for the unlikely event of a system-wide failure.


World-Class Data Center

Our U.S.-based data center is monitored 24–7 for all aspects of operational security and performance. It’s also equipped with state-of-the-art security—such as biometrics and sensors—to detect intruders.


Serious Data Security

We store all sensitive data on servers behind a constantly maintained firewall. We secure our database servers with additional access restrictions, and we encrypt more sensitive data.


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